Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Missing solutions in Azure OMS

I wanted to install the Service Map solution in my Azure OMS development workspace. But I couldn’t find it. Anywhere. It wasn’t in the Solutions Gallery. But I couldn’t think how else you would get it.

The documentation wasn’t helpful. The documentation assumes you already have it. It doesn’t explain how to get it. Google searches were fruitless.

With the help of Sam Cogan, Microsoft MVP, I finally figured it out.

Not all OMS solutions have been rolled out to all regions. If your OMS workspace is in a region which doesn’t have a particular solution available, it is just missing from the Solutions Gallery. And most annoying, there is no one region with all possible solutions.

In the Americas, most Azure services are rolled out to West US first. OMS is one of the exceptions. OMS services are rolled out to East US first. Mostly.

My OMS workspace was located in West Central US. As of this writing, Service Map and several other solutions are only available in East US, so I couldn’t see them.

I created a second OMS workspace in East US, opened the Solutions Gallery, and all of the “missing” solutions were there.

It is always easy to find things when you know where to look.

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